Big News on The Thirteenth Earl!

As promised, you’ll know when I know:

montlake-logo-final._V145348305_The Thirteenth Earl has been acquired by Montlake Romance and will be coming out in 2016!



Here’s your first preview of what’s in store…

Jonathan Vane is not an eligible bachelor. Any mothers aspiring to gain a title for their daughter do not see him as option, he is too tainted to be a target for fortune hunters. The man is messy, ill-tempered, effectively a hermit, and what’s more–he comes with a reportedly mad father. He has not appeared in society for months, but rumor has it that he will attend the Spencer’s engagement party at their country house.

Cassandra Seton arrives for the same party, with just as much reluctance to be there. Society has rejected her in another way: whispers behind hands. Nine years ago, her fiancé fled for Scotland, leaving her engaged but not married. Miles Markwick will be meeting her at the house party, to finally claim what was promised.

The walls of Spencer House are not just hosting a party, however. When Cassie and Jonathan both hear a mysterious wailing at night, their quest for answers leads them to seances, spirits, and that scariest of all prospects, unexpected love. 


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