To Kansas, To Marry

Dan and Kate, right after the ceremony

This is a story about magic and love.

There was once a convention, ostensibly about comics, called Morrison Con. That’s where this story really starts.

Love and magic were in the air, in the strangest of all possible places, the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. It was the opposite of Fear and Loathing, a temporary autonomous zone of Joy and Friendship. For three days a bunch of geeks drank together, had intense conversations over screwdrivers in hallways, made art and connections, and had an amazing time. We all made our ways there very differently, but it didn’t really matter how. We knew we were meant to be there. My husband and I were on our belated honeymoon. I sincerely believe that most people who attended would say their life changed weirdly after the experience.

I became a Romance author and won an award, but that’s another story entirely.

All of Kate’s bouquets were made out of the bridesmaids’ favorite books: this one belonged to my dear friend Sam Moon.

Right now we’re talking about Kate Colby and Daniel Gullotta, who I met at Morrison Con, hence all the rhapsodizing about that event. The first time they saw each other in person was that weekend, so I can say I watched them fall in love. And at the end of last month, I was privileged enough to fly to Kansas (in a roundabout manner) and be the celebrant of their wedding. The anniversary of Morrison Con became their anniversary, too.

Since doing cool things is never easy, I took the roundabout way to Kansas. Magic takes effort and sometimes it requires navigating chaos. In my experience, that’s usually the case. There was a fire at an air traffic control tower at O’Hare, the second busiest airport in the entire world, and the airport where I had to get my connecting flight. Getting anywhere the day of the rehearsal dinner suddenly turned into an all-day ordeal–I was on four different planes in one day. I finally arrived in Kansas after midnight, when I was supposed to land at 11 am.

Later the next day, not bedraggled.

Bedraggled. Very bedraggled.

And I completely missed rehearsal dinner, therefore I missed rehearsal. To their immense credit, neither Dan nor Kate were freaking out, and very worried for my welfare. They came to the airport armed with soda and a blanket.

The next day, the day of the wedding, is a happy blur. The newlyweds drove off in a swank car and the party dwindled until I found myself nodding off, still clothed, in the spa bathtub in my room. (If you want the full story on that, you’ll have to meet Sam Moon or Chunk Kelly and get them to tell you, but good luck with that.)

It all felt very full-circle and satisfying. Those are moments in life we have to treasure, to hold and examine, to celebrate. Sometimes, magic times, things work out just the way they should.

Married as heck!

Congratulations again, Kate and Dan!


*I am now able to marry people and I’m available for your special day. So, if you want to be married by an eccentric who will cry at the altar, I’m your girl. 

5 thoughts on “To Kansas, To Marry

  1. I adore this recounting of our special day. Your dedication and optimism while facing that horrible flighy schedule still inspires me, and I know Daniel and I feel so lucky and honored to have had you as our celebrant. Also, that pic of you, so amazingly great. Thanks again and love you to pieces! (I will also totally be reblogging this and pimping your book on my site tomorrow!)

  2. Reblogged this on Kate M. Colby and commented:
    Last week, Evelyn Pryce, my and Daniel’s wedding celebrant and award-winning historical romance author, shared her unbelievably arduous journey to share in our wedding day. Check out this post for all the crazy details, and while you’re there, take a look at her debut novel, A MAN ABOVE REPROACH.

    For a deeper look, you can read my glowing review of A MAN ABOVE REPROACH here:

  3. Wow… I don’t know many brides who could pull off red as a wedding dress. You were stunning. So glad I got this glimpse of your life. it is really cool. I knew you were a geek at heart. 🙂

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